Website Design Special

Starter Website Package

Perfect for small to medium businesses that don’t want to spend a fortune but still require a fantastic design to showcase their company.

What is in the package?

3 Pages

Most small to medium businesses don’t require more than this and it includes the possibility of doing a one-page scrolling website.


A gorgeous content enhancing slider that gives a great first impression to visitors and entices them to scroll further.

Design & Branding

A completely unique design that showcases your company’s brand.


All your company’s information placed within the website in a way that gives visitors the best user experience possible.


Fluid design that fits perfectly onto any size screen.


A stunning gallery showcasing your services or products.

Optional Extras


Maintenance Package

*Highly Recommended

While WordPress based websites are some of the safest in the world they do require regular updates on their themes, systems & plugins in order to stay as secure as possible. This package is an ongoing monthly fee that will ensure regular updates on everything as well as backups that ensure if anything goes wrong during the updates, you literally have a backup plan!

$20 per site per month


Security Package

All websites are vulnerable to attack not just those with high traffic. This is a once off security package that will put several barriers in place that make your website much less vulnerable to malware and hacking.



Content Updates

Once your website is up, in order to maintain good Google rankings there should be fairly regular updates to the content on the site. Whether it is writing a blog or just changing your content to better suit the keywords you wish to target in your Google campaign, I am happy to help you with this. I charge these updates per hour or half hour so that if I only spend 30min on changes you only get charged half the rate.


30min and over: $50perhour



Monitor & implement strategies to help maintain and improve your ranking in Google when potential customers Google your primary keywords. This is a once off fee to get you up and running and seen by Google. There are further options for maintaining rankings on a monthly basis, which you are welcome to discuss with me.



Stock Photography

I can source high quality stock photography for you to enhance the look of your website.

$20 per photo.